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A Starving Stomach’s Stanzas Seven

With a strong  belief that the English teachers find deeper meaning to a poem than the real author and with a general aversion towards beautiful  verses, I’ve never known to appreciate the art of poetry.Its complex words always give me chronic headaches.

Struck by  Poetryophobia,I’ve never tried to write one.(silly ones  about mother,friend,rain etc in innocent class 1 and 2 ages exempted).But now,out of boredom,I’ve written something.

It’ll definitely make no sense-Hence I call this a poem.

A Starving Stomach’s Stanzas Seven

Not chicken, Not meat, Not Turkish Fish

All I wanted was a mere simple dish

To save my starving stomach perish

Oh dear waiter, I’m waiting-Bring my food

Before in anguish I start blabbering rubbish



Ten long minutes I had been waiting

Concealing my hunger by nail biting

Pudding on other table, my mouth watering

Oh dear waiter, I’m waiting-Bring my food

I can put up no more acting



On my table a useless candle flickers

It isn’t tasty crackers or edible hamburgers.

You know, I’m not here to play pokers

Oh dear waiter, I’m waiting-Bring my food

Before I eat up the Salt and Pepper Shakers



Whenever a nameplate walks with a plate

It’s mine I think and my eyes inflate

My stomach starts to gyrate-hours since I ate

Oh dear waiter, I’m waiting-Bring my food

It’s getting really really late



At the fellow eaters I stare, Unable to look elsewhere

Staying hungry is not an easy affair

It’s as dangerous as a gory warfare

Oh dear waiter, I’m waiting-Bring my food

Beware; I’ll definitely break your glassware



Cheese and Butter I smell

As “I want food” says every other cell

Give me something to eat, I’m not a cannibal

Oh dear waiter, I’m waiting-Bring my food

All izz well, I re-tell



You cruel Waiter! This is stanza seven

No food yet-You are a wicked hell demon

But, I need my food-I’m so sorry, my sweet lemon

Oh dear waiter, I’m waiting-Bring my food

I love you; you are an angel from heaven

Ready-made Replies

1)”What nonsense is this?” -Grow up mate!This poem is beyond your comprehension

2)”My god!!Don’t you know English Grammar?”-This is not  English

3)”It’s really nice”-Please visit this place.I pray for your 100x speed recovery.

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Experts say that to improve our vocabulary, we need to learn a minimum of 6-7 words a day. And most importantly, learning should include the usage of the word too. Or perhaps, some say we can even write a paragraph using all these words to learn and remember their meaning

The first word I learnt was Obfuscation. I knew it’s not a common word. I haven’t heard it at all. Neither did I know what Peripatetic meant.

There are numerous words in the English language that we don’t know.

Anthropophagy is a another word that’s present in the dictionary, but MS word underlines it with red.
I saw the word cognoscente and was totally clueless how to pronounce it;but learnt the meaning and the pronunciation it from the dictionary.

One of the best methods to learn a word is to learn its synonym. Once you relate the hard word to the one you know already, it gets registered in your mind quickly.
So,I looked up the synonym of Voluptuary.The dictionary read-Sybarite.
Isn’t that simple?

This technique of learning new words to improve vocabulary really helped me.At the end of the day,I was so comfortable with them that I was able to write a paragraph using them. If you are interested to read it to improve your vocabulary,like me,here is the link

I now have the confidence that I can master the language.

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