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Those good old ads….

Advertisements! They have always been one of the things I really love watching!

Then,we had a square solid Solidaire TV aka TV potti whose Aayusu was getti – nothing ever happened to it,and it constantly disappointed my sister’s and my dream of a new TV for so many years.

Watching these old advertisements now excited me so much and brought a nostalgic smile in my face(Adadaa…isn’t ‘nostalgia’ a term used by old people?So,am I growing so old?! 😮 )

Many ads today seem total rubbish- singing romantic songs for Pickle ads, women running behind men using some perfume,a couple selling off their nice car overnight because it’s few inches less longer than their neighbour’s, T and V sitting and talking something ‘vala vala’ about Tea which no one is interested to hear (we are no longer interested to watch them even in movies),some dude wearing helmet going vrrrom vrromm in motorbike for the entire length of the ad,etc etc.Another ad I disliked was a Football coach drinking a mango drink seeing which the kids get tempted…he doesn’t give them even little till the end of the ad 😦 At last someone kicks the football and it makes the bottle fall.Excuse me,what are you trying to convey?

The radio ones are worser.They drill holes into ears. People screaming ‘Pathu rooba AC’,having irritating conversations, saying ‘Enakku vayiru valikkudhu’ with Silk Smitha’s voice modulation are intolerable.I don’t  know why is that people think you should keep talking on and  on and on and on if it’s a radio ad?! It only creates a negative impact of marketing on consumers.

Children watch so many such commercials these days,but I don’t know if they would remember most of those after a decade.So good the old ads were.Thanks to the world’s video archive,youtube; I spent my night watching and recalling the ads that I had watched as a kid.

An agmark 90’s kid would never forget these advertisements!

1) Hamara Bajaj – Ah nice,I could remember the tune ‘Hamara Bajaj’ without having eaten Vallara mittais.

2) Cadbury’s Cricket Ad.What a dance!

3)Nerolac :

4) Washing Powder Nirma.I remember madras singing the next line as “Aaya veetu kurma’.

5) Naan Valargirane Mummy!

6)The taste of India

7)One of the smartest ads ever!

8)Mozart’s 25th Symphony used by Mozart of Madras for Rajiv Menon.I bet,no one can forget this!

9) If someone asked ‘Enna Aachu?’ and the other replied ‘Kozhandha Azhudhudhu!’ in a mocking tone,it’s because of this-the ad that made this question and answer a cliche(Sad,I couldn’t find the Tamil one)

Not so old  unforgettable ones

8)Raymonds –  Beautifully taken!

10)People have this as their cell phone ringtone now and every time I hear it,I grin ‘eeee’

11)Ramco Cements – Very meaningful ad that I and especially my mom loved

12)Zandu balm.

Comes as ‘Zandu Balm Zandu Balm Thalaivali neekkum Balm’ in Tamil. I had been singing it as ‘Thalaiyai neekkum balm’ wrongly which somehow perfectly fitted into the tune.

Other commercials that I could remember :

  • Narasus Coffee -Idha..Idha Idha thaan edhipaarthaen…Besh Besh Romba Nanna irukke….HeHeHeHeHe.(There’s a unique way to say this ‘HeHeHeHeHe’)
  • Horlicks-‘Apdiye Saapduvaen’
  • Nijam pakku! Periyar Siriyar Anaivarum Suvaithidum Nijam Paakku, Andrum Indrum Endrum Tharame Nijam Pakku.Nijam Paakku! We loved the animated transition of people’s faces in it.It was quite new then.
  • ‘Sottu Neelam Doi Regal Sottu Neelam Doi’
  • ‘Litre kku naalu sottu (Ton Ton Doin Ton Ton Doin) Thunigalai Amukku…Ezhuthu Pizhinjidu…Aaha hahaaa…’
  • ‘Ore Oru…Ore Saridon’
  • Vicco turmeric’s ‘Beauty Cream Beauty Cream’

How many of them do you remember?

All – Congratulations! You are certified as a typical 90’s kid

Most of them – Konjam Nyaabaga shakthi kammi

Few – You must have been a padips in Primary school.

None – You must have not been alive!


PS:While watching all these,I came across this which I could not resist watching ,the newer version of which was a pathetic murder of the older original one.

Such a beautiful song this is


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