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To the compassionate hearts on Facebook

To the compassionate hearts on Facebook,

As I open my Facebook wall,there appears a picture of a man/woman (which I was honestly unable to recognize) with blisters and boils all over body, lying on ground and begging.

The caption under it read

Please Don’t ignore ūüė¶ ūüė¶

1 LIKE = 1 $

1 SHARE = 2 $

It looked so distressing that I had to hastily scroll down,pretending I did not see it.Then cropped up another pathetic picture of a sick baby.

“Facebook is ready to pay¬†3 cent for every share.

We don’t know Whether it is true or not,¬†but let’s everybody share.

Our One Share will Not Cost Anything..

If you really care about This Baby…Then Please share.


What the hell people!? I understand you are kind and caring and you have tender heart of a baby and all that. But,I also understand,you are foolish.

2 Questions:

1)If you don’t know if Facebook really donates money for such shares and likes,please Google!If you are still unable to know it’s credibility,then why the hell do you share?

You think you will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize next year because you decorated your Facebook wall with miserable pictures?

2)Well before that all,whether the picture is real or photoshopped(most cases) or morphed,do you realize you that you ‘clicking on like’ means you are liking someone’s suffering?

3)From where do these come from and who posts them?If I or you post a photoshopped photo of a baby with bulging throat,say it’s got tumor and ask people to share and like-you think Facebook will contact us and agree to pay money appreciating our benevolent effort?

To the best of my knowledge, FACEBOOK WILL NOT DONATE MONEY for the share or like you do.If I’m wrong,please correct me.

I open Facebook to see what my friends are up to,to read something interesting,funny and informative,to share something I find worthy and to tease friends.Not to see such ‘fake’ pitiful pictures.And,I hope it’s the ¬†same with many of us

Next time I see one,I will get into ‘miss kitta solliduvaen mode’ of reporting the link that you shared.I don’t know if that will have any effect.I can’t yell at you,I will yell this way.

If you are one of such people,I hope you won’t do such a thing again.Being acrid is not my intention,but I’m sorry if I had been so.

Being kind is a virtue,but being ignorant is a sin.


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