Crucial Craziness


on June 21, 2010

Experts say that to improve our vocabulary, we need to learn a minimum of 6-7 words a day. And most importantly, learning should include the usage of the word too. Or perhaps, some say we can even write a paragraph using all these words to learn and remember their meaning

The first word I learnt was Obfuscation. I knew it’s not a common word. I haven’t heard it at all. Neither did I know what Peripatetic meant.

There are numerous words in the English language that we don’t know.

Anthropophagy is a another word that’s present in the dictionary, but MS word underlines it with red.
I saw the word cognoscente and was totally clueless how to pronounce it;but learnt the meaning and the pronunciation it from the dictionary.

One of the best methods to learn a word is to learn its synonym. Once you relate the hard word to the one you know already, it gets registered in your mind quickly.
So,I looked up the synonym of Voluptuary.The dictionary read-Sybarite.
Isn’t that simple?

This technique of learning new words to improve vocabulary really helped me.At the end of the day,I was so comfortable with them that I was able to write a paragraph using them. If you are interested to read it to improve your vocabulary,like me,here is the link

I now have the confidence that I can master the language.


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