Crucial Craziness

About me

Dhivhya is just a bored and lazy,vetti person.For constantly being busy doing pointless things on earth-the greatest sin a human can ever commit.

She is a professional continue-until-someone-bangs-the-door bathroom singer,because that’s the only place where whatever she brays sounds great.

She loves wasting her time,watching her thalaivar Rajinikanth,Pani Puri,sleeping during day and staying up all night,Beach Sundal,getting wet in rain while eating ice-cream,sneezing a day after,Molaga Bajji and has a craze to take extra sheets during exams because she believes in full utilization of resources.

This hyper-crazy impatient girl has a strange dislike towards the smell of coffee,long nails,beautiful handwriting ,pens with cap and neatly arranged book shelves.

Dhivhya is very critical about meaningless customs and traditions and is often found arguing for justice-with shopkeepers,greedy auto kaarans and vegetable vendors.

As she loves to do Social Service,she has started this blog – to drive more people mad.

Abuses can be sent through Facebook

4 responses to “About me

  1. d gal from the 1st bench(12-a) says:

    just read this piece.. liked it.. (guess who??)


  2. Qrish says:

    Excellent work. I love your style of writing.
    Keep writing.




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