Crucial Craziness

That’s all,your honour!

on October 7, 2012

(1.I will not get into trouble for publicizing illegal photography,the court is already gasping for breath dealing lot more serious and funny things. 2.No dysphemism intended,never!)  

“Ganam courtaar avargale” ,a lawyer would begin his argument,speak long phrases in grammatical Tamil and end with “That’s all your honour” Having grew up  watching these stereotypical court scenes in Tamil movies,I had always been curious to visit the Madras High Court.Since childhood,I had been pestering my best friend to arrange for a visit,her dad being an advocate. ‘Heyy..adhu fish market madri irukkum,pordhe waaaaaysttttu”,she would giggle and never take me.

Whatever be it,i’d wanted to know how a court would be,how a case would proceed,to know if lawyers actually wore a black gown and watch criminals on witness stands. Finally,a visit to world’s second largest judicial complex!(after receiving appreciations like ‘pogarthukku vera edam kedaikkala?’)

What I expected and what I got?Here it goes…

With all the excitement of pretending to be an assistant to a  notary public and entering through the main entrance,I was initially a little mad looking  around,like a  ‘pattikaadu guy’ stepping into Chennai.The 150 year old building,though in a dilapidated state was indeed fascinating.

‘Shock’ seems a little funny.Using a better term,

PLEASANT SURPRISE 1:Mobile Notary Public Vans


 There were numerous such Tata Sumo vans where a notary public sat and attended to his clients(if they had any).

I only remember having seen people selling sarees in such vans yelling “Ayya Vaanga,Amma Vaanga”.Whatever…

PLEASANT SURPRISE 2: On ground book sales on court corridor

The only solace was that the shop kaaran sold books related to law and not Kumudam ,Vikatan.I wouldn’t have surprised if there had been a thiruttu DVD shop.

PLEASANT SURPRISE 3: This IS the court room!

 Amazing! It wasn’t anything more than a small enclosure with door.The photo does not show a part of the room.It is the entire room!

PLEASANT SURPRISE 4:Air conditioned Central Library(it seems)

 It is in this place where the junior lawyers(with Ajith’s salt and pepper hairstyle) sit and read newspapers,magazines,jabber about politics,eat and burp.Many books stacked neatly in shelves-the place is called right.

There were more pleasant surprises,like dogs running in the corridor,lawyers sleeping on desks etc etc which were too dangerous to capture.The fear of  my cell phone being confiscated and the culprit(me) made to sit in a corner at the police station loathed me.

On the whole,forgetting these pleasant surprises,the  place did give me a feel that I was inside a place of importance and dignity.

On my way back home,I was reminded of the main part!As I was wondering where all these good looking,smart and handsome lawyers were and peeped out,a poster answered it all!John Grisham, your novels are so damn misleading! :-/

Ok,to end this post,I find no better way! 🙂



One response to “That’s all,your honour!

  1. CB says:

    A long pending desire of mine. Thanks for the renewed impetus. Surprised to see girls with such desires.. Any idea how the Saidapet court is? Wanna visit the Paruththiveeran type. Btw, the video doesn’t work. Curious about that.


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