Crucial Craziness

Growing Younger

on March 23, 2012

“Today is thatha’s birthday!”

As I boarded Bus 219A today morning and started searching for an unoccupied seat, a guy offered me chocolates. I looked up cluelessly, and he said- “Today is thatha’s birthday!”

Without knowing whose birthday it was, I took a chocolate. (Who doesn’t want one?)He understood I was confused. He pointed out a person sitting in front, behind the driver’s seat. A very cheerful old man, in his late seventies was being wished by a few people around. He had brought chocolates to celebrate his birthday in bus. A lady asked him his age ,and he replied with a giggle, “I am 78 years young”!

Someone in bus called out,”Why don’t we sing the birthday song for Thatha?”

People applauded and in no time the whole bus started singing.He was all smiles and felt a little shy.In some time, I could comprehend that he was a regular passenger in that particular bus and he was fondly called “Thatha”(Tamil word for Grand Pa) by all.

People like him are rare to find. It is so inspiring to see such people who are good spirited and cheerful even after they have grown old. They have the gift of transferring their charisma and positivity to others, in no time. The moment you see them, you would definitely feel immensely euphoric.

I’m fortunate to have known a few people like him.

An Octogenarian lives opposite my house. Right from the day I knew her, she has been living alone. Her husband passed away long ago and she has no children. ‘Kamakshi Paati’.A svelte Iyer lady in her late eighties, who always wears a smile on her face. What amazes me is that she tries not to depend on anyone for anything. Be it paying EB, Telephone Bills, visiting a doctor, or be it repair work at her house. She tries to take care of everything pertaining to her, herself-even after she has grown very old.

She is an awesome cook! She knows who in my house likes what and remembers to send them when she does. Even though she’s alone, she enthusiastically celebrates all festivals. She celebrates-just for her!

I remember, before few days, she traveled all the way to a place about 1 hour from here just to buy good mangoes for making her favorite pickle. I was surprised. When I lived alone for few days, I would conveniently skip dinner very often because I have to go out alone and eat. It never occurred to me that I need to take care of myself. Now, I feel sheepish.

Another person who stupefied me was a retired eightyish old English Professor who took Verbal Ability and Vocabulary classes after retirement. He teased boys. He played pranks. He was a master of puns. I have never found any other professor of mine, even the young ones to possess such great sense of humor.I’ve heard him quip  often, ”Man,I’m only few years older than you”.In his last class, when he said he is retiring and is not taking classes anymore ,I could feel my eyes getting moist, involuntarily. That is the impact that he had created.

Learning things by observing people is something that I have learnt lately.  I’m glad I started at least now. These people are old by age, but not heart. To them, age is just a number.

From them, I take this lesson-‘However old one grows, never in life should one cease to love oneself’

Hats Off to these young people who are sources of inspiration to others.

With utmost respect, I bow before you all!


P.S:I hope I wrote something that made sense.The people who suspect,No..I’m not drunk!

Thanks to Sriram,who always tries to make me sane and sensible.Thanks for the title too! 🙂


One response to “Growing Younger

  1. Besh Besh, romba nanna irukku. I admire this line the most: “I am 78 years young”!


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