Crucial Craziness

WordPress says-Title(optional).So,I’m not giving one.

on March 19, 2012

An erstwhile teenager started a blog a couple of years ago to put in writing all ‘nonsensical-absolute-no-meaning-stuff’ that occurred to her. She gave it some random name that WordPress liked and accepted. And, she did write –absurd jumble of words that broke and shattered the rules of English grammar, with pictures that would hardly qualify to be funny. She would call her close friends and ask “Was it funny?”-An amazing question to which they never dared say ‘NO’ fearing direst consequences. Her mother somehow found her blog (how do these mothers find out?) read it and went away headpalming knowing that her product is creating sheer genius stuff day after day.

She wrote aimlessly,whether people read or not.

Ok, No more Tamil movie style over-build up dialogues. This is the silly blog. And, here is the silly girl.

It never occurred to me I had a blog until someone asked about blogging.I realize I haven’t written anything for almost a year except one piece of crap.

Having retired from childhood and the teenage adolescence, expectations are that I have to do things that make sense. As a part of it, if at all I write I have to write humanly things, unlike the monkey stories I wrote before.

At this juncture ,I stand perplexed. I know I should stop jabbering, but…

1)How do I write ‘serious’ stuff? Put in words like ICU, Emergency, Surgery?

  2)Blog about Technology, Software Development blah blah etc? BIG CAPITAL BOLD ‘N’,BIG CAPITAL BOLD ‘O’

3) When there are so many people who can write nice things- politics, poetry and philosophy, who will write junk and do service to the society?

I end this post, still not knowing what kind of things to write. Da Vinci is great,but to me a child’s scribbling is more interesting.

It feels good to be funny and silly. But,not always.Is it?Or,is it not? Ahh…confused!

I want to write.But,what should I write about?


3 responses to “WordPress says-Title(optional).So,I’m not giving one.

  1. I see a lot of spontaniety. Why not try a blog a day. I started a blog a week after reading this


  2. Hey, Good one 🙂 Now this is a blog, where I don’t have to ponder and say, “Why so serious?”. Its fun reading your blog 🙂


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