Crucial Craziness

Save Engliees

on July 29, 2010

Yet another rubbis post

Yes,it has been a very long time since I posted something on this blog that is  read by        4<  x < 6 readers a day (We are Engineers!)


1)I am working very hard,studying5 hours daily+ 2 extra hours  in bus to revise what I had learnt

2)Learning Advanced JAVA Programming for an hour every day

3)I’ve taken my mother’s advice not to waste time and assured her that I will not blog

4)Terribly busy;no time to eat and sleep-then when to blog?


1)I am too lazy to write

2)I sleep during evenings,wake up for dinner and sleep again (sleep hours in class and bus not sufficient)

You know that I always speak the truth.So,I hope you got it.

It has been quite few days since my college started.I don’t remember how many.All I did was that I scribbled nonsense all over my bench making people forget that there was paint over it,once upon a time.

I’m not going to tell about my new  subjects.They won’t interest you.They don’t interest me either.

So,what the hell are you  writing about?,you ask me. I ask the same questions every time I write (prefix ‘try to’ before reading ‘write’). I need to write something…..

Right…. about how English is being brutally poisoned,hung,electrocuted and murdered by some of my lecturers.

I know,you now ask me,”Oh..Are you so good in English to comment about others?”

No,I’m not.And sorry I can’t invite Shakespeare or Milton to comment.They aren’t alive.If at all they are, they’ll anyway die once they hear this English.

Here it goes….

1)A MA’AM CODE WORDED MSD (I’m sorry,Mahendra Singh Dhoni)

1.1)If you haven’t heard of a word ASHOOM in English,please ASHOOM that it exists.

Yes,it does exist.We ASHOOM so many things everyday in class.

DOUBT:If Assume=ASHOOM,Sit down =S_IT DOWN?

1.2)”Why you are absent yesterday?”,Ma’am MSD asked a guy and he stood bewildered,with giggling sounds in background.

Please learn “You are “present tense +”Yesterday”-Past tense makes a very delicious cocktail.

1.3) BUBLIC=public

If you know C/C++/JAVA,then you must aware of a BUBLIC classes

I heard that some Bublisher has Bublished a book written by her.Its available in market.Grab your copies!

1.4)MSD ma’am said that she always learnt extra concepts when she was a student.Here a sample to show what that extra means.

Choose the right form of sentence.

1)You doesn’t

2)I doesn’t

3)We doesn’t

4)All of the above,because lecturers are always right;divine gurus.

Please choose the right answer and  leave it in the comment section.The winner is requested to ASHOOM that he/she is given a book bublished by her as a prize

2)A SIR, CODE WORDED JANAKI (No,he’s not Janaki Raman;It’s his pet name-awarded fondly  for his stylish cat walk and superb tune of speaking. Hope you understand, if not accept)

2.1) Jeero,one,two,three…..

The usage of letter ‘Z’ in the English alphabet is now obsolete.

Zig Zag is now Jig-Jag

Zambia is Jambia (Sweet name,tastes good with bread)

The same applies to Jee News,Jodiac signs.If you don’t understand, Joom in and read.

2.2)Heard of Alpa?Its not some Tamil dude asking Alp ah?

Know Alpha,Beta,Gamma?Yes..the greek ‘ALPA’abets.(There’s no ‘Pha’-फ in Tamil-So he won’t use it even in English,I guess)

I thank god that I haven’t been made to hear him say Appy Fizz.That would have sounded very vulgar.


I didn’t know!Elevan does exist.Learn here.

PS1:Names not mentioned intentionally to prevent me from being chucked out of college.

I do have respect for them.They are knowledgeable;but no harm in little fun.We don’t need stylish English with American accent.But, at least  proper English…..Please….Please….

PS2:I wrote PS1 because that would save me if at all any of my lecturers get to see it accidentally.

(Probability=6.023 x  10^ -23)


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