Crucial Craziness


on July 7, 2010

The writer assumes that you have some basic knowledge about Anna University colleges, its excellent quality of technical education, its  knowledgeable students and the university’s modus operandi for minting money Revaluation.

If you don’t,you’ll  get to know it as you read.



It wasn’t just another ordinary day for Mr.Padips[Mr.Nerd].He was always called that way and none ever remembered his name.

Coconut-breakings, archanai-doings and traditional feet-fallings made his morning. It was a D-day for him. Having completed his Computer Science Engineering ,he was appearing for his first job interview .

He was dressed in an impeccable white shirt and black formal trousers that people mistook him to be a Saravana Bhavan waiter.

Padips:“May I come in Saar?”

Interviewer:“Yes,please come in.Take your seat”.

P:“Saar !!”

I:“Please sit”

I:[going through his resume]“Oh that’s really great Mr.Padips.You are the college topper with a CGPA of 9.5456.So,you must be having very good technical skills. We are looking forward to such people who have in-depth knowledge.”

P:”Thank you Saar”

I:”So,let me not waste your time and my time discussing about your technical concepts.Your marks speak for you.Ok Padips,tell me about you.”

P:”Good Morning.I yam Y.A.K Padips.I yave completed my….”

I:”But…But…But,it’s afternoon now!”

I:”Sorry Saar.I will start again.”Good Afternoon.I yam Y.A.K Padips. I yave compleeted my B.E Computer Science and Enjinearing in Dubaqoor Enjinearing Kaalidge.I yam  21 years old.I yam coming from New number 12,Old Number 9,Mundakanniamman Kovil street,KannammaPettai Main Road,Chennai six zero zero zero one seven.I yam a very disciplined and I yam ya very good student.I yam ya…”

P:”That’s enough…that’s enough about you.I’m sorry to say your communication skills aren’t up to the mark.You need to improve your English”

I:”Saar…what word you said?I yave got S grade in English in kaalidge.If you want you see my mark sheet saar”.

P:”That’s different Mr.Padips.But anyway,with some training and a little effort from your side,you can improve it.Since this job would require you to explain some concepts to people who aren’t well proficient in Computer Science,I want to check if you have that kind of skill. If I were a layman and I ask you what a program is, how will you explain it to me?

P: “Lehman na what saar? Rahman brother ah?”

I:”No.Someone who is not a professional.”

P:”Saar,I want paper and pen”

I gives it to P

P:”Saar,you are Hindu,Muslim or Christian?”

I:”I am an Indian!Why do you ask that now?”

P:”Simply Sir”

The interviewer gets an important call from his boss and needs to go

I:”Mr.Padips,I’m sorry.There’s a call for me.I’ll be back in a few minutes. You shall prepare you answer. Excuse me”

P:”Come in Saar”


P:”After Excuse me,Come in only no saar”

I:”My god!You are a funny guy!Ok..It’s urgent.I need to go.”

P:”Urgent means you go saar….otherwise it will become bad. I understand saar”

The interviewer leaves the room without understanding the highly intellectual and witty joke that Mr.Padips cracked.He returns after 3 minutes.

P:”Saar….I’m waiting for you only saar”

I:”That’s great.Are you ready with your answer?”

P:”Saar,first you give one extra sheet saar.This paper not enough.”


The interviewer sees this paper on the table and almost faints.

But he sees “Indian Alone Saves” that Padips had written unknowingly and chuckles to himself.Its anyway true.

I:”See Mr.Padips,I didn’t want you to write such long answers.I  think you understood what I asked you.”

P: ”Saar….my heart is paining Saar….See I wrote pucca answer with underline.Balagurusamy book is rightu,I am not right aah?What saar?Same thing only I wrote.My ma’am will give 15/16 for this Saar”

I:”You don’t seem to understand.So,forget it.Do you know about ASCII codes?

P:ASS Key…..ASS….Key.”Saar you are very bad saar.You are telling verry bad bad words.

I:[totally bewildered]What are you saying?Can you expand ASCII atleast?




I:”Great!.You may slap me if I ask you another technical question.”

P:”Ok,right saar”

I:”A logical problem.Imagine three girls,A ,B  and C…”

P:”Ayyo!no…its very bad saar”

I:”But,I never finished my question”

P:”Saar you told to imagine saar…my college chairman said that thinking about girls is also bad saar”

I:”What the hell!I want no more nonsense!”

P: “A says I’m not a girl.B is a boy

B says A is a liar.I am a boy

C says A and B are liars.I am a boy

One of statement the two statements of each of them is true and other,definitely false.

Now,can you logically find who the liar is?”

I:”You sir!”

P:”Have you gone mad?”

I:”How it is possible saar?How girl talk to boy and boy talk to girl saar?”

I:”Please Mr.Padips…I’m already infuriated!”

P:”What saar…you are in big position.You don’t know simple matter also.Girl-Girl talk,Boy-Boy talk,but Girl-Boy no talk.Hahaha…you don’t know this also va?”

I:[now 74.3545% mad]”What about your extra-curricular activities?”

P:”What saar?”


P:[to himself…extra…curri…coolar…exrtra..curri..coolar]

Yes sir!Curry is very good for health.So,I will ask extra and eat.But water from Cooler is very bad for health.So I don’t eat water from cooler.

I:Mr.Padips!I’m extremely satisfied with your answers. You may leave now.

P:”Me pass no saar?”

I:”We’ll intimate you about it.”

P:Ok saar…Thank you saar…Bye saar


I heard that the interviewer is now undergoing intensive treatment in Kilpauk Mental Hospital. Benevolent philanthropists who feel pity for that guy may send a cheque to his sponsor “S.A.Dhivhya”.Send me a mail and I shall send my address.

And what happened to Padips??

I overheard this conversion between him and his friend Padips2

P2:”Dei Machan!Ennada intrivyoov enna aachu?Select aagiduva illa?

[Hey dude!What happened to your interview?Will you get selected?]

P:”Athellam aagiduvaen da.Aana antha aalu waste da!

[I will clear the interview man..But the interviewer was a waste fellow!]

P2:Why da?

P:”Namma Saar enna da sonnaaru?Ulla pona udane intrivyoov panravanga “Please sit” nu thane solvaaru nu sonnaru.Andha loosu “Please take your seat” nu etho olariduchu da”

[Our Saar has said that the interviewer will say “Please sit” as we enter.But that mad fellow blabbered “Please take your seat”]

P2:”Aama Machan….vara vara kaalam rombha kettu pochu da.Apdi select aagalaina enna pannuva da?”

[Yes dude!The present scenario is really bad.What’ll you do if you don’t get selected?]

P:Adhu thaan irruke da re-valuation!Thuddu kattina pass panni vida poraanga!

[There’s revaluation man!If I pay money,they’re going to make me pass!]


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  1. divya says:

    hey sa samma comedy po!!!


  2. divya says:

    nice one:-)


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