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Wakka Wakka-The release story

on June 26, 2010

Waka Wakka is making waves!

Ever wondered how waka waka came into existence?Here’s the story.

Tamil Enthusiast Shakira had come to Chennai for the occasion of Tamil Semmozhi Maanadu.Though there were oppositions that she doesn’t know tamil,the CM as a great fan of Shakira,invited her .He justified by saying that when both the President Ms.Parthiba Pati (did I miss ‘l’?) and the Governor Mr. Barnala didn’t know Tamil and they could preside over the function,why not Shakira. He added that Tamil Kirukki Shakira is a modern Avvaiyaar as her hair looked  similar to Avvaiyaar


Though Shakira had to do the official song for FIFA 2010 ,she attended the classical meet as she saw Karunanidhi as her god(grand)father

After the Maanadu,she wanted to explore Chennai and meet it’s so that she would get ideas for her song.

LOCATION 1:Koyambedu Market

SPOT 1:Outside the market

The vegetable seller yelled:”Vaaka…Vaaka…Innakka Venum?”

[Sister,Please Come..What do you want?]

Shaki was amazed to hear Tamil and the word “Vaaka”.She kept telling it again and again….

SPOT 2:Inside the market,near a keera kaaran(spinach seller) koovi koovi vithufying spinach.

As a tulip was named after Aishwarya Rai, Shakira thought that these Indians loved her so much that they’d named a variety of spinach after her.

She was moved and was almost in tears.

When she enquired about the vegetable names and came to know that most of them like avara’kka‘,murunga’kka‘,sunda‘kka,kathri‘kka‘ all had the syllable ‘kka‘.

She also heard people saying “Poda Goyya’kka’,’ Dei Go‘kka‘ Ma’kka!!

She returned to her hotel room and switched on the TV and it sang Nakka Mukka

Our Shaki thus understood that ‘kka‘ is an important concept of Tamil literature.

She then wanted to visit the Chennai Slums.

DESTINATION 2:Chennai kuppam

As Shaki walked across the streets,she was greeted by a lady-virunthombal is thamizhar panpaadu!

Again as the lady said “Ikkeera” Shaki was flattered and honoured.

SPOT:Near a thanni lorry

As the water lorry arrived Shaki found an interesting scene over there.

She heard “Vaaka” again.

Being Tamil Illiterate,she assumed that ‘Vaaka’ was the favourite word of Tamilians that also had the kka magic.

Overwhelmed by the Tamil affection she decided that she must  ‘Vakka’ to show her gratitude and love towards them.

She returned home and composed a song with “WAKKA” as the key word.(W is more attractive than V,she said)

Knowing this,the VHP threatened her that Vaka is a word in a Malayalam Devotional song and if she uses it,it would hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindu people and strong action would be taken against her.

As the song was already composed,she pacified the VHP leaders that she would show her respect towards the religion in her dance.


PS1:The author doesn’t intend to insult any tamil scholar.It’s purely for fun.

PS2:My friend Shaki asked me not to publish this post because she doesn’t like PUBLICITY.But as a true Thamizhacchi,I have posted this as I wanted to spread the glory of Tamil.

2 responses to “Wakka Wakka-The release story

  1. bhuvan says:

    excellent !!! keep goin !!!!


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