Crucial Craziness

Nene Raju

on June 25, 2010

I happened to be to Tirupathi few days back( 365+ days) with my aunt and family.My uncle(1) at Hyderabad had arranged accommodation in a cottage for us there(of course,through some kind of influence-It’s India).

We reached the place and we were asked to meet a person named Ramalinga Raju(of course,not the Satyam guy).

My uncle(2) started the conversation,while I  stood there watching him with  opened mouth that a mosquito can enter,tour and exit.

“Excuse me Sir,May I meet Mr.Raju?”,he asked

“Nene Raju.Meeku Enti kavaali?Naaku Telugulo Cheppandi.”

All of us were  Telugu illiterates,except my aunt who was well versed with great vocabulary consisting words like akkada,ikkada,ledhu and undhi.

She said she  had forgotten the language,but convinced us that she could manage.

My uncle called her to speak with the man.

Aunt:”Sir Mr.Raju unnara?”

Raju:”Nene Raju!”

A:”Ledhu. Mr.Raju”

R:”Amma..Nene Raju!”

A:”Oddhandi..Nakku Raaju choodali”

R:”Nene Raju!”,he almost cried.

A:”Meeru oddhandi .Raaju gaaru ekkada unnaru”

R:”Amma…meeku arthamaaledha?Nene Raju.Meeku emi kaavali,cheppandi”, vexed.

Terribly confused,my aunt made a call to uncle(1).

A:”Hello…dei we are in thirupati da.Outside the cottage.But no one seems to understand telugu da.This is very bad!”,my aunt complained about the telugu born-brought up man’s inability to understand his own language.

He asked my aunt to give the phone to him, spoke something  for a minute and told my aunt that everything was fine.

Raju said,”Amma..Nenu  Rama Raju.Naa brotheru Ramalinga Raaju.Meeru lopala randi ”

A:”Naaku Rama raju Odhdhandi. naaku Ramalinga Raju kaavali”

The man got ultra-baffledu and asked us to wait a nimitttu.

He came back with another man.

RR:”Nenu Raju.Meeru lopala vellandi”

She got tensed,”Raamaaa…..raju ekkada unnaru?”

RR:”Vaadu Rama Raju,naa brotheru.Nenu Ramalinga Raaju-vaadu brotheru”

A:”Naaku Raju choodali!”

RR:”Nene  Raju!!”


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