Crucial Craziness

I’m alive

on June 19, 2010

It’s definitely by god’s grace that I’m typing this blog post now.
I had had a really shivery experience yesterday.

I had visited one of my good friend’s home for her birthday(yummy free lunch!)

Another friend of mine volunteered that she would give me a lift.(Yes!I was awaiting it) Keeping in mind the pain of taking a bus and walking back home, I accepted.

On my way back home,she asked me if I would accompany her to PVR Cinemas to get tickets booked for Raavanan.Being totally joblesss and bored,I instantly agreed,making a call to inform my mom about it.

Everything that happened after it was a deadly nightmare.
Road Rash Execution!Hell in front of my eyes!

She drove so recklessly; I felt nauseated! My head went dizzy and had almost decided that I would become Chennai-famous with my photo appearing in the newspaper the next day-in the obituary column.
I shut my eyes as my friend drove as though her eyes were shut.

“Hey talk something yaar”

I was already dumbstruck and beholding Yama(the lord of death)

I controlled my fear trying not to distract my dear friend driving with atmost concentration.

“Is this your normal speed?”-with a tone of casualness in speech.

“No.I’m driving slowly because you’re coming with me”(Intha Bandhakku mattum korachal illa!)

The next ten minutes were the scariest I’d ever spent.
Mud, puddles ,holes, sewage lids nothing reduced her foolish speed.

And then………..screechhhhhhhhhh……..screamed the brakes.

I could see the front part of our bike and the rear end of another fellow’s bike kissing each other.Hot Scene!

“Yey….ennamma nee…paathu vara maata?!”,he screamed belligerently.
[Sweet girl,will you not drive carefully,dear?]

I saw his bike’s indicator dangling,feeling a little relieved that he hadn’t noticed it and praying that he shouldn’t.

Had we been boys,that gentleman whom we collided with would have kicked us and extracted a minimum of 500 bucks. I realized how lucky it is to be a girl, especially on roads.
The devil paid no heed. She reversed a little and vroomed.

[Did you get scared?]

[No,please move on]

I was then damn sure that my ultimate end wasn’t far off.I had been greedy for a lift and was enjoying the reward for it.


She stopped at her home and went in to collect [extract] money from her dad.
Her mom came out.

“Hi ma…eppdi irukka?”
[Hi dear,How are you?]

“Aunty,please don’t allow your daughter to drive;for the sake of the poor public on road. She drives so damn rashly!I was almost dead.She collided with a bike.She’s exceeding the speed limit and absolutely has no road sense”-I wanted to burst out.

But,just said-“Fine,thanks”
“Achacho…Yen maa helmet podala?paaru yen ponnu eppovum hemlet pottutu thaan ootuva.She’s a very sensible driver
[OMG…Why aren’t you wearing a helmet?My daughter always wears it while driving.]

Feeling ‘Hell met’,I had to hear her Helmet advice.
Had her daughter not worn the helmet,the city would’ve come to her house to kill her.

“Hey…yeah,come..lets go”-she came back with money.
An invitation to hell/heaven.(Will blog abt it after I reach one day)
I had no other go,but to again take the roller-coaster ride.
Same kind of exhibition of stupid driving skill!

And,in twenty minutes,we reached PVR.

Then came another tragedy-parking.I volunteered to get down.But,she asked me to remain seated
As we approached the parking-ticket vending machine, she kissed two guys on bike…sorry,the bike collided with ours.This time,it wasn’t her fault,I was sure.

“Hello…paarthu vara theriyaadhu?”she screamed and collected the ticket.It was her turn and she made the best use of the rare opportunity.

We had to ride to basement level 2.It was a travel through a dimly lit dark tunnel.I cursed cruel god for giving me horrifying encounters,one after the other.

We parked,got into the elevator and bought the tickets and again took the elevator down.

“Hey you go yaar…I’ll take an auto home”-I said.
“No way…It was me who brought you and it’s my responsibility drop you at home”
The tunnel ride again.She took the bike and vrroommm……

Direct Dashhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

All looked at us.She had hit a median!Moron!
There was no way there and I’m still wondering how she could do it!
Anyone who’s not blind ,having atleast 20%driving skill will not do it.
I got down and looked at her,uttering not a word

“Hey that’s nothing…sit,we’ll go”

At last,I reached home and thanked her.(for giving back a very sweet daughter to my mom,alive)
She asked me to promise her that I won’t complain about her driving skills to her mom.
I agreed.Friend!

I asked her to give me a ring as soon as she reached home and climbed the stairs, thinking about my lucky narrow escape from death.

“Hey hello…it’s me.I reached home and…I need to go somewhere tomorrow morning.
Will you come with me?”


“To the RTO office-to apply for my driving license”

1)The narrator was the pillion rider and The friend was— me!
2)I’ve already got both my car and two wheeler driving license a year back.
Searching for that sincere officer,well I’m searching him too……


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