Crucial Craziness

I love you

on June 18, 2010

“You fool!Don’t come behind me…How many times should I tell?Don’t you have sense?This is the last time…Please stop it…Get away ..” I yelled at him for the nth time and walked swiftly towards home.
He comes behind me everyday…I felt very uncomfortable.Wherever I go he followed…he was my shadow.I had not seen him before.He was dark,a little skinny..yet very smart and handsome..(I should accept).Be it any time of a day…any day of a week…never was he absent.’Jobless’,I thought.

One day,I got totally fed up.I didn’t want to publicize this and make it a big issue. I gave up paying attention to him. But he kept coming. This continued for a couple of weeks.

It was a Friday..he wasn’t there..My eyes became involuntary…it searched for him.I don’t know why.I searched for whom I hated before.He wasn’t there…I can’t explain the void it created in my heart.I really missed him.Glimpses of his face flashed in my mind throughout the day.

The next day…yes…he was back.I smiled…but tried to hide it.He looked into my eyes and came closer and closer…I froze..He didn’t speak a word..but I could understand, his eyes speaking a thousand words….They were yearning for affection..for true love..I could understand.

People on the road were looking at us…I ran home quickly.My eyes cheated me and wandered here and there,searching him…day after day…

I didn’t know his name..He hadn’t spoken to me even once.I grew fonder and affectionate towards him. My heart slowly started loving him.Now we have become very close…I meet him atleast twice a day.

Yes,I love you Blacky…my road side romeo..the black dog in my street…I love you dear!


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