Crucial Craziness

Love proposals

on June 17, 2010

naan Solvathellam unmai,unmaiyay thavira verondrum illai
[Whatever I say is nothing but the ultimate truth]

An open talk. I’ve never spoken about these to anyone. Congratulations! You’re lucky that you’ve now got a rare chance to know.

I wait at a bus stop nearby to take my college bus everyday.People from different offices wait there too. I don’t remember when I saw him.(that’s a positive sign, some say)Handsome guy.Young anf smart.Tall and lean.Not fair,not dark,somewhere in between-I liked it.Chandanam of forehead.A very attractive Malayalee!Would be 4-5 years older than me.

He’d pierced one ear,wore a diamond stud.I never liked guys wearing studs,but somehow liked it on him.
He had an amazingly charming smile that would crack even Titanium hearts.He wore a light blue shirt and a dark blue pant,his office Uniform.

Everyday he would stand at the same place adjusting his shoulder bag and reading a newspaper
Occasionally he would be talking over the phone, in a very soft tone. I could never decipher what he spoke, though I keenly observed.

I normally never spoke to people while waiting for the bus.That was an advantage.I would spend my time watching Mr.Handsome.And I also made it a point to start a little early from home so that I could extend my meditation hours.

As usual,yet another day,I was meditating on him.

He approached me

“Excuse me”
I looked up.

My eyes and ears had gone to stand by as it had been idle for long.As I told,none spoke with me and I didn’t either. I keep my face stern, sometimes scorny (though unknowing) that even beggers don’t come to me.(True,this really happened)

“Excuse me.He asked again”
“Yeah”,I said coming back to my senses and blinking widely.

“Neenga Y oda friend thane?”
[Aren’t you Y’s friend]

“Aama”[Yes],I said having no clue about what he was talking about.
He looked around to see none were there.It was strange for me.This guy had spoken to me and disturbed my dhyana,meditation.

Mr.Handsome was still there,his eyes grazing over newspaper in hand.

“I want to tell you something.”
“Naan Y ya romba sincere ah love panraen”
[I’ve fallen in a ‘sincere’ love with Y]
(Anything called insincere love exists?)

“Naan avanga(respect!) kitta sonnaen,kaekka maatengaraanga.Neenga thaan konjam help pannanum”
[I’ve proposed her.But she doesn’t seem to be bothered.You need to help me]
“Mudiyaathu”I turned away.

He went off.I could see his face appointed (opposite of disappointed-weak in Englipish).I knew he would’ve expected that.

So,that was proposal #1

WAIT,about that Mallu guy,yeah…he’s still there! 🙂

I’ll let you know when that happens.

Please feel free to collect these gifts I offer you for having read my post patiently
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[The author is completely not responsible if you think she’s a ‘jollu jakkamma’(Flirty girl)
Well,you know,that’s anyway not true]


2 responses to “Love proposals

  1. bhuvan says:

    avaru bus conductor dhanee??? 🙂


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