Crucial Craziness

My college Rocks!

on June 16, 2010

Being an Engineering Student, the most obvious question people ask me is the name of my college. Though mine is among one of the good institutions in Chennai, my answer leaves people totally bewildered that I need to explain its roots and location.I’ve now got used to their weird expressions. Some say,”Oh yeah….that one!”, though I can very well understand they haven’t recognized. Poor people, I don’t embarrass them.

Okay,mine is RMD Engineering College (I know you won’t know it anyway) located at one of the dusty unpopulated area near Gummidipoondi (If you don’t know this on either,take Chennai).Its was extremely wise on my college chairman’s part to set up a college in this gem of the greatest places ever. You’ll hardly find buildings except our group of colleges and schools. No restaurants,No malls,No Movie theatres.All that you can see is the road…see a little beyond that, road again and beyomd…only road! It’s the Chennai-Kolkata National highway,I suppose.

I remember an incident now.One of my friends took great pains explaining about my college.

“Endha College ma?”
[Which College?]

“Hmm….Adhu Enga irukku?”
[Hmmm…Where’s it located?]
-Weird expression-

-Weird expression again

“Do you know RMK Group,Aunty?”
“Oh…..adhu va maa?Nalla theriyume !
[Oh..that one.I know it well]

My friend was a little relieved that she needn’t explain more
“Sarees ellam romba nalla irukkum.Readymades kooda nalla collection irukku”
[There’s a good collection of Sarees and Readymade dresses.]
Weird expression,now on my friends face

“RMKV oda college thane ma”(RMKV is a popular textile shop that related to my college as to how Sanyasa is related to the great Swamiji,Sri Nithyananda)

My friend became totally hopeless that she agreed to put a full stop to the confusion.

I shouldn’t miss,there’s an exotic place to hang out with friends!Its hotel Nithya Kalyana Bhavan.What an enthralling name for a hotel! Bread,Bun,Tea,Chocolates with some 2+ varieties of food make up its interesting and mouth watering menu.

Some quick points:
You know you are in RMD when :
1.You don’t know and will never know why and what you are doing most things
and often think about life,destiny and fate

2.Find all unwanted books neatly stacked up in the library

3.Become an expert in writing letters-leave letter ,permission letter ,letter requesting an OD,for lost ID card, for a bonafide certificate,for gate passes etc etc etc (but mind it,never a love letter )

4.Sitting in AC and Chatting are the only two reasons why you enter labs

5.Spend all your pocket money taking photocopies you actually don’t need, because you never study

6.Don’t use even 25% of your brain

7.Find lecturers who don’t know what they are doing themselves.Easy topics become tough and tough topics become self study/seminars!!

8.Doubt if you actually know English(our lecturers…… Shakespeares!!)

9.Write test /unit /revision /model /re model 1 /remodel 2/re re re…..with nothing in brain…yet fill up pages and pages and pages (additional sheets extra)

10.You are on your way to get placed in Kilpauk Mental Hospital



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