Crucial Craziness


on June 15, 2010

Life is peaceful now. I’m enjoying the tranquil atmosphere that has embraced me. I feel like a pearl that sleeps inside a cozy shell. No commotion, no interruption.
All that I know is peace, calmness and serenity.

I can comfortably remain dumb.There had been numerous situations when I had wanted to stay shut,but couldn’t. But now,I’m glad that I can.

Its all because of that event,that happened that day………….
It changed my life……….

I  accidently dropped it into water.I grabbed it within nanoseconds and did wiped it dry.
A pat on the back,a tap on the keypad,shaked it frenziedly and what not?It showed no sign of survival.Looking at all my vain attempts, my friend volunteered to try bringing back life to it that was in coma stage, and that turned fruitless too.
My cellphone was suffocating,technically,asphyxiated.

I gave up.I didn’t want to try anything else. That would only mean more damage to the already paralyzed poor one.

I returned home and pulled out all its parts that could come out and wiped. I blew violent hot from the hair drier from all its sides.Nothing worked out again.So,finally my dad decided to admit it to the outpatient ward of the cell phone service centre.

I expected him to come back with some consoling news that the phone would be repaired soon. He did come -not with the good news and not a bad news either, but with the phone itself. They had returned back the cell phone saying that nothing could be done as the evil water had already conquered and killed all the major parts of the phone.

But,I still never gave up hope.

I laid it on the table and made up my mind to perform its autopsy.
(Please don’t raise logical questions like,when its dead that you perform autopsy,how can it be reverted back to life? Miracles do happen!)

I took a screw-driver, removed its tiny screws and opened up all its parts.

“Wow! How did you do that?Its working fine now”

“That’s great dear!You have done something that an expert couldn’t”

“Hey..can you look into my cell phone too? Please….”

 Pride and joy. On top of the world!

I looked at my cell phone, resolving that I shouldn’t dream more.

All its components looked grotesque. Couldn’t understand what each part was actually meant for. I can only say, the green PCB (printed circuit board) looked like an insane artist’s modern art.
Capacitors, soldering all over and other strange components,all looked pale-like a pallid corpse.

I then placed all the pieces together and fastened the screws.I lost hope that it would work,because I opened and did absolutely nothing technically but only physical abuse.
Yet,I had a little desire that something would happen marvelously and it would start working.
As expected-operation successful,patient dead.

No reminders,no notes,no alarms,most importantly-no irritating and boring forward messages about life,love and friendship.And I needn’t curse the sender who would ask me to send stupid messages to 13 people to make my wish come true.

My friends urge me to get another one soon.What do they know about how relaxed I feel now?
Its night.A student needs to complete studying for the exam next day and the current goes off! People feel pity for her.But she feels like –“YES!”-That’s exactly how I feel now.

I’ve realized, a cell is the basic functional unit of a human,but not a cell phone!This small electronic gadget is definitely an evitable beautiful devil!
Goodbye my sweet friend!
Your deputation period to annoy me is over now.Your sibling will come soon.
Until then,I’ll remain relaxed and undisturbed.


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