Crucial Craziness


on June 14, 2010

“Appppaaaaaaa!!!!!!….paaru….akka blog panraa…..”
The favourite dialogue of all younger sisters is “Amma/Appa paaru……Akka ________!” They use it daily,adding suitable suffixes conviniently.
“D!!!…do you need this now?”
I don’t reply.
“Do something useful.You’re already glued to the computer 24 X 7.”

I don’t reply again.Its sometimes best to remain mute.
“College would re-open and  you need to study”
“Yes,this is not very important.Why do you always waste your time?”
-That was my mom.
Parents who are very good,really good and don’t interfere in whatever you do,suddenly wake up and get too much concerned when someone complains enlightens them about what I do.
“You are not blogging!”
I nodded my head and smiled stupidly.

“Vetti D!!”-thats how my mom called me,”come with me to the store”.
“Amma…avalukku blog pannanum..bloggggu…vara maata”,my sister added fuel to burning fire.
I stared at her and she chuckled.

I had an immense urge to go and give her a satisfactory punch.
“Ennamo po….come and lock the gates.We’re leaving”

I locked.returned back and gave a punch on her knee.It was late when I realized I had foolishly chosen a wrong spot.My hands ached.But,no….don’t express that out.Image problem!

I shouted at her came back to my room and and…..

[Blogging with heartiest blessings from my parents…hope this goes on well]


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